ScentVox 270 (White, Bluetooth, dual 270ml w/ liquid level reporting)

Do you want the best?  Then our patented ScentVox diffuser is for you.  It's the industry's most advanced commercial diffuser for ambient scenting of rooms up to 2,000 sq ft (20,000 cubic feet).  If you want high quality precision and outstanding performance, then contact us for the #1 scent diffuser seen in Life Time Fitness Centers, CycleBar Clubs and many other fitness and commercial facilities.

For use only with the ScentVox 270 ml cartridges; not compatible with any other cartridge sizes.  

Select from these compatible cartridges: ScentVox-270-Cartridges

ScentVox instruction manual: ScentVox Instruction Manual

Mounting options:  Table Top and Wall Mount are standard; Ceiling Track and Indoor HVAC kits are available separately (contact us for details).  Standard 100-120 volt electrical outlet is required.

ScentVox advanced features include:

  • Built-in Fan - The ScentVox has a built-in fan that spreads fragrance more evenly across your living space.
  • Mobile App Control - With a built-in Bluetooth radio, the ScentVox comes with a free "Scentelligent" mobile app (iOS or Android) to easily control fragrance intensity and scheduling.
  • Day Part Scheduling - You can program the ScentVox with day- or week-part schedules.  Set the times when the scent system starts and stops, each day of the week.  Save oil and money since the system automatically turns off when your business is closed or you’ve gone to bed.
  • Dual Scent Day Parts - With two 270 ml cartridges, the ScentVox can "play" different fragrances at different times of the day.  Wake up to an energizing fragrance in the morning, then automatically switch to a relaxing fragrance later in the day. Or play one fragrance on weekdays and the other on weekends … it’s up to you!
  • Scent Level Tracking - The ScentVox is the only diffuser with advanced sensors that monitor cartridge fragrance levels, so you know when to order and replace cartridges.
  • It's also the only diffuser with two types of scent control to fine tune performance based on air turn-over rate (circulation) and room size:
    • Duty Cycle - This sets the ON/OFF cycle of the diffuser. A two-minute duty cycle at 50% will play the fragrance for 1 minute (ON), and then stop for 1 minute (OFF).   The internal fan continuously spreads the fragrance throughout the room during the ON and OFF periods. For rooms with good air turn-over, use a high duty cycle (like 2 minutes ON and 1 minute OFF = 66% duty cycle playing 2 out of every 3 minutes).  For rooms with less circulation, use a low duty cycle (like 1 minute ON and 2 minutes OFF = 33% duty cycle playing 1 out of every 3 minutes). For outdoor living spaces on breezy days, use the max setting of 9-ON, 1-OFF or 90%.
    • Plume Size - The fragrance “plume size” is the amount of fragrance diffused over time.  Think of it as “speed control” which can be adjusted for a slower (milder) or faster (stronger) fragrance impression. Plume size control allows you to adjust the fragrance output based on room size.  For smaller rooms like 500 sq ft, set it to 35%, and for larger rooms like 2,000 sq ft, go up to 100% for maximum output.  “Expert settings” in the mobile app allow you to precisely control plume size for the best fragrance impression, all day, every day.
  • Free recycling returns - When you order new cartridges from ScentBridge, we'll include a return shipping label so you can send back your empty cartridges in the same box that your refills arrived in.  We'll do the rest!

These optional features are also available on the ScentVox for an additional charge. If interested, please contact us for details:

  • Multi-Site Monitoring - An optional built-in 4G/LTE cellular gateway and cloud-hosted data service enables you to remotely monitor and control your scent system from anywhere (monthly data access charges apply).  This is especially useful for managing multiple sites according to a defined brand standard.
  • Network Operations Center - For multi-site customers using 4G/LTE cellular gateways, we offer monthly subscription services with a professional team who will monitor and manage your scent systems for you.  We'll automatically ship you new cartridges when needed, send you package tracking details, inform your on-site staff when new cartridges will arrive, remind them to replace the empty cartridge before the second "back up" cartridge runs out, and encourage empty cartridge recycling.  We manage all the details so you don't have to!
  • HVAC Air Flow Sensor - The ScentVox is also available with an HVAC installation kit that allows fragrance to be delivered to multiple rooms on the same air handler.  The kit includes an air flow sensor, to ensure fragrance only "plays" when the air handler's fan is distributing air through the HVAC zones.  For this option, we recommend setting your HVAC system thermostat to "FAN ON" mode rather than "FAN AUTO."
  • For spaces larger than 2,000 square feet, please contact us to learn about our patented commercial ScentCast product line, including modular diffusion units to fragrance the largest spaces, like convention centers and casinos.


ScentVox 270 (White, Bluetooth, dual 270ml w/ liquid level reporting)
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