Odor Neutralization Sample Collection Pack plus $10 credit

Collection #12 - Set of ten scent sticks in the Odor Neutralizer Collection.  All of these fragrances were designed with odor neutralization features to address malodors like cigarettes and marijuana smoking.


  • Amplify - A fruity blend of apricot and apple with a warm amber touch provide a fresh aroma to any location.
  • Bode - This soothing combination of coconut milk, rose, jasmine and vanilla will ease your day.
  • Catching Rays - A great beach feeling of perfectly warm summer sun, with notes of juicy orange and golden amber.
  • Day in the Sun - This lovely blend of citrus, waterlily, sandalwood and eucalyptus to feel good and relaxed.
  • Jackpot - This Oriental infusion of lucky greens, florals and spice, will give you the confidence to accomplish anything.
  • Just Plain Clean - This fragrance captures the essence of sun-soaked linens, dried outdoors by a crisp, clean breeze.
  • Pandemonium Patchouli - This nostalgic Patchouli blend is filled with notes of clove, cinnamon and a hint of vanilla.
  • Pink Sands - It's an exotic island escape in this beautiful mix of bright citrus, sweet florals and spicy vanilla.
  • Sapphire Rain - As the sun comes out to warm the raindrops, experience the fresh clear sensation of a spring day.
  • Warm Luxe Cashmere - The sensuous feel of a soft cashmere in a scent that's both creamy and luxurious.


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Odor Neutralization Sample Collection Pack plus $10 credit
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