Magical Resorts Sample Collection Pack plus $10 credit

Collection #11 - Bring home the magic!  Set of nine scent sticks in our Magical Resort Collection, featuring fragrances inspired by our favorite resorts & theme parks in central Florida.

  • Inspire Magic - Inspired by a special 50th anniversary jubilee celebration
  • Clover Garden - Inspired by the signature scent of beach & yacht resorts, green clover & aloe
  • Florida Orange Grove - Inspired by the original soaring hang glider adventure 
  • Old Town Key West - Inspired by the signature scent of a relaxing and low key resort
  • Caribbean Beach - Inspired by the signature scent of a beachy-keen resort
  • Main Street Sweets - Inspired by the aroma of our favorite main street confectionery
  • Symphony in 4D - Inspired by the fragrant fourth dimension of a philharmonically magical show
  • Magical Resort Essence - Inspired by the signature fragrance of a great lodge in the wilderness
  • Pineapple Swirl - Inspired by our favorite magically whipped and frozen pineapple refreshment

Purchase this collection of fragrance samples and receive a $10 rebate credit on your next order. The rebate credit is only available for registered customers, and cannot be combined with other discount offers.  Guest checkouts are not eligible, since a registered account is required to collect the credit.




Magical Resorts Sample Collection Pack plus $10 credit
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